KNIPEX Cobra® Water Pump Pliers (87 Series)

The KNIPEX Cobra is one of the pliers that helped established our reputation for quality and reliability in every tool. Spanning from 5" to 22" with capacity range of 1" to 4 3/4", the Cobra has self-locking capabilities and is strong enough to stand on - even the 5"! The KNIPEX 16" XL and 22" XXL Cobra have greater gripping capacity but weigh less that comparable to pipe-gripping wrenches. The QuickSet Cobra with red-button combines the proven, reliable locking of the hinge bolt with an additional push function which makes it easier to work in very confined and tight areas. The Cobra comes in a variety of handle styles, non-slip plastic, comfort grip and 1000V Insulated.


  • self-gripping jaw design won't slip
  • gripping surface with special hardened teeth (approx. 61 HRC) is wear resistant and grips any shaped object - round, square, hex or flat
  • self-locking on pipe and nuts means no slipping off the workpiece
  • push-button mechanism means adjust once and it stays
  • fine-adjustment provides an optimum adjustment to different size workpieces
  • guard prevents finger and hand pinching
  • thin head fits into tight spaces


To view the expansive KNIPEX Cobra product line, click HERE.

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