KNIPEX Alligator® Water Pump Pliers (88 Series)

The  KNIPEX Alligator ranges in size from 7 1/4" to 16". Similar to the Cobra, the self-gripping jaw design won't slip on the workpiece. All sizes feature multiple adjustment positions for 30% more gripping capacity with a maximum starting at 1 1/2" for the 7 1/4" that goes all the way to 3 1/2" for the 16" Alligator XL. The Alligator handle style is available in non-slip plastic, comfort grip and 1000V Insulated.

  • self-gripping jaw design won't slip
  • gripping surface with special hardened teeth (approx. 61 HRC) is wear resistant and grips any shaped object - round, square, hex or flat
  • fine-adjustment means an optimum adjustment to different size workpieces
  • box-joint design provides directional stability
  • guard prevents operator's fingers from being pinched

To learn more about the KNIPEX Alligator® Water Pump Pliers (88 Series) product line, click HERE.

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