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KNIPEX’s Ear Clamp Pliers

KNIPEX's Ear Clamp Pliers are now available in North America! These pliers are suitable for simple and reliable clamping of 1-ear and 2-ear clamps. The German engineered and manufactured tool will not damage the press points on the ear clamps, …

From the KNIPEX workshop: the Pliers Wrench XL

Alex Garami from the KNIPEX UK Team explains the Pliers Wrench XL.

KNIPEX has a New Look!

KNIPEX has updated our brand image! With the change to this new style, we've started updating our merchandising, literature and branding accordingly. Below you'll find all of the company documents in our full Distributor Packet with the new look and

KNIPEX Launches 7″ Hose & Click Clamp Pliers

KNIPEX has just added a new tool to our lineup of Hose Clamp Pliers! Introducing the 7 1/4" Hose Clamp Pliers (85 51 180 A) which is perfect for smaller engines and makes it easier than ever to maneuver in …

KNIPEX Cobra® Water Pump Pliers (87 Series)

[embed][/embed] The KNIPEX Cobra is one of the pliers that helped established our reputation for quality and reliability in every tool. Spanning from 5" to 22" with capacity range of 1" to 4 3/4", the Cobra has self-locking capabilities and is strong enough to stand on - even the 5"! The KNIPEX 16" XL and 22" XXL Cobra have…
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